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Miguel Aguinaga y Mendiogoitia, Governor, made the name official on November 2, 1675. The Crown granted a coat of arms to the city on June 24, 1676. The unemployment rate in Medellin falls in line with that of the rest of Colombia. In November 2016, the unemployment rate saw a steep decline to 7.5%. The numbers did not last very long as in January of 2017 the unemployment rating jumped to 11.7%. These numbers are not surprising as many people find themselves out of work at the beginning of the year due to the end of the holiday rush.

  • The qualitative and participatory nature of this research, is a great opportunity to listen to different voices in our learning ecosystem, so the results are contextualized and give us insights to improve our educational planning.
  • Urbanisation and globalisation have brought with them a number of challenges.
  • I would have to disagree with you in that respect because that is not the intention of the post.

These groups have gained notoriety in Medellín for calling upon curfews for the underage population, and have been known to distribute fliers announcing the social cleansing of prostitutes, drug addicts, and alcoholics. The extradition of paramilitary leader Don Berna appears to have sparked a crime wave with a sharp increase in killings. Medellín used to be the most dangerous city in the world, a result of an urban war set off by the drug cartels at the end of the 1980s. As the home of the Medellín Cartel funded by Pablo Escobar, the city was a victim of the terror caused by the war between the organization headed by Escobar, and competing organizations such as “El Cartel del Valle”. However, after the death of Escobar, crime rates in the city have decreased dramatically. The government of the city of Medellín is divided into executive and legislative branches.

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Now that this is a reality, we are very optimistic and confident that this cannot stop with this one initiative but that many new ones can emerge and that we can contribute to back more ideas on a national level,” she says. In Medellín, there are about 500 people in the Reintegration Process and their families, and therefore a New Reintegration Area was established in which women play a fundamental role.

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Everywhere you turn there seem to be new things happening. Wenty-five years ago, Time magazine dubbed Colombia’s Medellin “the most dangerous city on earth”. Drug lords women in Medellin lived like princes, judges and policeman were regularly assassinated, paramilitaries invaded neighbourhoods and ordinary people disappeared overnight without trace.

The particular focus of our city is around the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG Nº4, SDG Nº 11 and SDGº17. As broader objectives, those are aligned with our local educational planning in the way that we guarantee quality education and inclusion, especially for historically excluded groups like women, and children and youth at risk.

I have been to Thailand and some of the women there are gorgeous but the South american women definitely have their own charm. You raise some good points, particularly regarding the age gap and the fact that in some countries, the women prefer it. I noticed the same situation in places like Russia and Ukraine, where women prefer a guy 5-7 years older, sometimes more. Obviously if you have a ton of cash, the situation can be more extreme. I guess with the very large disparity (ie. 60 to 20), you have to know its largely a financial relationship. Though I have considered creating a site dedicated specifically to Colombia & Venezuela specifically, (2 places that I I’ve lived full time in South America) I haven’t defined specifically a time frame. That is to say, I’m not a full time blogger and writing about Colombia etc is not my priority.

We are known for being unfaithful, and I guess because we grew up with so much abundance of women that forgot how lucky we are. They know that we only need to turn our head and there we’ll find another lovely lady. However this “King” mentality could be due to Colombia’s great hospitality. Colombian people are very warm, friendly affectionate people who like to welcome strangers into their homes and lives whether they be foreign or Colombian it doesn’t matter. To be honest the same thing happens everywhere, even here in the UK where men go out looking for tail, there are sugar daddies and girls interested in money it’s just not as visible. And if you’re wondering why they’re so hot….it’s a Spanish-Lebanese-Caucasian mix and ungodly amounts of plastic surgery.

They won’t treat you in a bad way because most people have manners but in terms of Colombian standards in Medellin, white is better. Check out the Davalos twins on youtube, type “hermanas Davalos”, that’ll show you how hot these colombian girls can be. These twins were born in the States to Colombian parents and then were brought back when they were still little. You’ll get better results typing “hermanas Davalos” instead of the Davalos twins. I take it for granted now, but the lack of stuck-upness with the girls is something I noticed immediately upon arrival. Rules of the game presented to you by a person who has only been here a week!